Re: "stupid plants"

> From: "Williams, Rochelle - DCSPIM" <williaro at ftmcphsn-emh1_army.mil>
> Subject: Stupid Plants
> My stupid plants don't appreciate PMDD and more light.

	You're not using PMDD

> I'm frustrated and 
> don't know what to do...HELP!

	Read the original posting (www.cam.org/~tomlins).

> I went from 1.5 watts per gal to 3 watts per 
> gal last week.  About a month ago, a version of PMDD was added because the 
> tank was nitrogen limited.  I add 5 drops of TetraPond Flora Fin with a 
> guaranteed analysis of N - 0.55%, P2O5 - 0.00% and K2O - 6.60% which is 
> added every 2-3 days.  

	Unless the tank is _very_ small, this sounds like a very low
dose of K and N.  Each addition is about 1 mg N and 13 mg K.  I use
something like twenty times as much nitrogen _per day_ in a 160 L tank.

> I also add 5 drops of Wiegandt GmbH's ferro vit for 
> additional iron.  The label doesn't give specific details (yes, I know 
> that's bad) and says its an "iron-complex fertilizer for freshwater 
> plants."  Since I'm not adding other micronutrients, I figured I could live 
> with it until I find a good micronutrient source.

	Start adding the other micronutrients, and a decent amount of
K and N!

> But why are the plants developing holes in 
	This is consistent with serious underfeeding.

Paul Sears        Ottawa, Canada

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