triton and laterite

I did not have good luck ordering laterite from the Pet Warehouse catalog. 
They only carry Dupla brand, and the duplarit laterite has been out of
stock since September 1996, and currently still is.  I had to cancel my 
order and look elsewhere.  I couldn't find anything in That Fish Place
either.  Someone sent me the address of Karl Schoeler.  He sells laterite
called Substrate Gold.  It's $9.50 for 24 oz (for a 20 gal).  I'm going to
order from him.  If you want a price list/leaflet, his address is K.R.
Schoeler Enterprises, Inc.
241 Country  Rd 42
Apple Valley, MN 55124                             
"Candle?  What candle?  I don't see any candle, it's too damn dark in here!"