Stupid Plants

My stupid plants don't appreciate PMDD and more light.  I'm frustrated and 
don't know what to do...HELP!  I went from 1.5 watts per gal to 3 watts per 
gal last week.  About a month ago, a version of PMDD was added because the 
tank was nitrogen limited.  I add 5 drops of TetraPond Flora Fin with a 
guaranteed analysis of N - 0.55%, P2O5 - 0.00% and K2O - 6.60% which is 
added every 2-3 days.  I also add 5 drops of Wiegandt GmbH's ferro vit for 
additional iron.  The label doesn't give specific details (yes, I know 
that's bad) and says its an "iron-complex fertilizer for freshwater 
plants."  Since I'm not adding other micronutrients, I figured I could live 
with it until I find a good micronutrient source.

Here's the problem - holes in the leaves and red algae.  Overall the black 
brush algae plagueing the tank IS DEFINATELY going away.  Soft red algae 
(looks like hair algae, only it's red) is forming on the lymnophelia.  This 
evening I found lots of brownish or reddish algae growing on the front 
glass of the tank.  I can live with these because its only temporary and 
they can be removed.  But why are the plants developing holes in 

I asked about nutrient overdoses a few weeks ago and someone posted that 
the clown loaches could be doing it.  But the same problem is occuring in a 
loach free plant propagation tank only not as spectacularly.  The holes 
occur most promanently on new growth - the Marble Queen sword leaf unfurled 
and looked like swiss cheese!  Older leaves develop holes by slowly turning 
brown in a few spots, the tissue disintegrates leaving the cellulose fibers 
which then slowly desolve, too.  What am I doing wrong????

Frustrated in 73F Atlanta.
Rochelle Williams
williaro at ftmcphsn-emh1_army.mil