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Your best bet out of Canada is to order from Mail Order Houses out of the
USA, since most of what you can get are Hagen brands.  Three that I know
have both Triton and Laterite are "That Fish Place" (800)733-3829; Mail
Order Pet Shop (800)366-7387 and e-mail <mopetshop at aol_com>; Pet 
Warehouse (800) 443-1160 and e-mail <petwarehouse at cis_compuserve.com>.

Good luck and Happy, Healthy New Year!

Merrill <amc2 at ix_netcom.com>

>     I've been on the list for a month now and really enjoy recieving
>them. I have a question where can I buy Triton tubes in the Toronto
>area? And how much are they in Can. funds? Also a supplier of Laterite
>or eqivalent product?
>Thanks: Joe Martin