To Halide or Not

I have been given the green light for a larger setup.  The only condition is
the new aquarium must reside in the space currently used for boardgame
storage and book shelves.  The space is a wall niche with dimensions of
 37Wx24Dx96H (inches).   I am envisioning a 36Wx18Dx24H 65 gallon tank set in
the niche with cabinet doors below to cover the lighting ballast, filter,
ect. and false cabinet doors above to hide the lighting and provide tank
access.  The enclosed space above the tank would be approx. 3 feet high.
 What would be the optimal plant lighting for this setup? Standard
florescent, HO, VHO, and MH.  I'm bogged down with all of these choices.
 Would a metal halide bulb or bulbs get to hot (I could vent the space with a
fan).  Your thoughts are appreciated.

Ross  (always willing to learn)