Aponogeton of yesteryear

A long time ago, in the hoary past, that is in the late 60's and early 
70's, there was available in the fish stores in L.A., a viviparous 
Aponogeton.  It had long, narrow, dark green, leaves with undulate 
margins.  Instead of a flower, it produced a stout stem which would give 
rise to a bulblet just below the water's surface, and eventually produce 
an independent plant.  Sadly, I have not seen this worthy plant since 
about 1973. It was so prolific that I thought that I would never be out 
of it and, of course, I have since lost it.  I wonder if anybody knows 
what sp. this was, and if it is still out there somewhere that I haven't 
looked yet.  I'll appreciate any info. that can be provided. 
David Curtright, FFF