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> From: Shawn Ferguson <sferg at cyberus_ca>
> Hi there,
> I am looking for advice on how to help otocinclus' make the adjustment
> to a new tank. In my 2 experiences, I have lost halve of the number
> which I purchased within a day. They appeared healthy and then within
> eight hours were dead. My neons and corys do not object to the water
> quality in this tank. I have never experienced losses with new fish like
> this.

I gradually acclimate new fish acquisitions to a tank very gradually.  I have
much better success that way.  I constructed a drip tube from air line and a
single plastic air valve.  I place the fish into a specimen container, Hook
the drip tube onto the tank, prime the tube with water, adjust the drip rate
with the air valve to a drop or two a second, wait for the container to fill
with tank water.  The size of the specimen container should be 2 quarts or
larger.  One such cycle is probably enough, however you could empty most of
the water from the first cycle and repeat if you feel it necessary.  After
the cycle(s) is(are) complete, float the fish in the container for 30 or more
minutes for temperature equalization.  Then release the fish into the
aquarium.  This technique works quite well for very sensitive fish such as
"salt water" specimens.  Good luck and let me know if this method helps solve
your difficulties.

James T. Studebaker  AquaCreate at Aol_com