H. angustifolia ID

Due more to neglect than dilligent care on my part, the plant I've always
assumed was Hygrophila angustifolia has grown out of my tank, formed emergent
leaves, and started blooming like crazy. The plant sends out a thin stem from
each leaf node, which then splits into three little stems, each stem then
forming at least three flowers. The flowers are light purple and kind of
"trumpet-shaped" or "tube-shaped". The end splits open into three petals, the
lower two bending down a little like an Iris. The inside is white and dark
purple, and undulate. The stamen (I think) are light yellow.  Off hand, does
this sound like H. angustfolia, or might I have something else? It's been
blooming continuously for over a month and I don't feel like chopping it back

My Hydrocotyle leucocephala also is blooming, little yellow "Pom-pom" things.

My Rotala macrantha and indica(rotundifolia?), and H. difformis have also
formed emergent leaves. It's interesting seeing how they differ from the
submerged forms. I wonder if they'll bloom?

This is all occuring under two 175W Metal Halides suspended from the ceiling,
along with CO2 & PMDDs.


In rainy and *very* windy Sacramento.