Flow-Lux light tubes

   Hi everyone,
 Today I got some light tubes which my dad was told by the salesman were
used for growing plants, and I was wondering if anyone else has heard of them.
They are 4 foot 40 watt tubes.
on the box they are labelled as TFC fluorescant tubes. And on the bulb
itself it is labelled FL-40SBR/38 Flow-Lux. They are made in Taiwan.
They give of a purply light.
I'm assuming they are the same as the regular aquarium plant bulbs purchased
from shops.
Does anyone have any info on them like lumens, CRI etc?(There was none in
the archives)
Are they any good for plant growth? (I currently have 3 coolwhites and 1
other purply plant light.)

They cost $16 and at other shops I can get full spectrum tubes for the same
price. So would there be a marked increase in the quality of growth from the
full spectrum tube compared to the Flow Lux tube?

Thanks in advance