Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #416

>From: Griff1324 at aol_com
>Date: Sun, 29 Dec 1996 20:33:06 -0500
>Subject: fertilizers
>Could someone please let me know what fertileizers that they use (which are
>safe for fish)???  I am adding CO2 (DIY) and the plants seem to grow good but
>then eventually (after a week or so) they begin to turn yellow and rot!!!

Go to the Krib
and browse around in the aqatic plant sections, and you can find lots of
information and discussion about fertilizers.

>From: Miles Morrissey <mmorriss at sophia_smith.edu>
>Subject: Java fern prob
>Season's Greetings all.
>        I'm having a problem with some Java fern in one of my tanks.
>I've been growing this plant for some time in various setups with
>consistently good results.  However the java fern in this tank, secured
>to a piece of driftwood is beginning to turn brown.  It seems to start at
>the base of the leaf and work it's way up.  I had this problem in one
>tank, snipped of the offenders and no more problems.  However, in this
>tank it seems to be a bit more persistant.  This tank has been setup
>about a year with several other species which are doing ok. (vallisneria,
>Bacopa carolina, H. Polysperma, Sagittaria natans, Anubias nana and
>salvinia. Tank parameters are normal with some nitrate, 7.5ph, moderately
>hard water, duplarit balls in the substrate and Flora Pride added as
>needed.  I'm thinking either alleopathy from some competeing plant or
>maybe a disease specific to Java Fern.  Any ideas would be appreciated.
I would consider nutrient deficiency.  Rapidly growing plants like
Vallisneria and H. polysperma can take up a lot of nutrients quickly.  My
limited experience with Java fern indicates that it does not compete for
nutrients very well and the reason why it often seems to do better in low
light tanks, is because, under low light conditions, the other plants are
light-limited and do not take up nutrients as rapidly.

>From: Cor Bosman <cor at xs4all_net>
>Subject: plants not doing so great, help needed

>.....But the plants are a disaster. The only plants that are doing good are
>the java vern, valisneria gigantis, alternanthera reinecki , elodea densa
>(although that name might be wrong) and a bottom plant that is probably
>The rest is all dead or dying.  Almost all big leafed plants have brown spots,
>and most lost several leaves already. Including cryptocoryne willissi,
>ceratopteris thalictroides (sumatra vern?, its got long empty stems now
>with just a bit of leaves on the top), and several others plants.
>I have a 60g tank, with 2 triton 90cm 30W lights. I know that this is
>in theory not enough light, but my local aquarium shop insists that it is.
>I also have a lot of green wire algae growing on the front and back of the
>I tested the water for abnormalities but couldnt find anything wrong.
>Now, is my first course of action to increase the lighting? If it is,
>why am I seeing a lot of green algae already growing? .........

My guess is that the Val and maybe some of the other plants that are doing
well may be shading out some of the ones who are not, although shading
shouldn't bother your C. willisii very quickly.  Perhaps a nutrient
deficiency has also developed.  A number of species of hair algae are quite
tolerant of low light and are almost impossible to get rid of by reducing
the light.

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