Instant Amazon/Living Water Vital

   Although I am not a big fan of Owen Jeffries, I would not be so quick to
condemn this new product for one main reason, it is made by Marc Weiss.  All
of his past products have been excellent and he seems to be a very reputable
person.  There is also a version of this product for marine aquariums that I
have heard very good things about from reputable and well educated people.
 Now I know "very good things" is vague and is by no means hard scientific
proof but it is enough for me to give the product a try.
    The bottle of Instant Amazon that I have lists the contents as "16 fl.oz.
of Amazonian rainforest derived enzymic activated catalysts and natural
organic acids discovered by Marc Weiss."  This seems reasonable enough if not
as informative as we might like.  
     Also, if the product was purely snake oil I would think it might make
great claims on the bottle itself, instead there is a disclaimer saying "Not
a trace element replacement or plant food. Not a medication, fertilizer or
algicide.  Enhances ability of plants, microflora and microfauna to obtain
nutrients and energy from water and utilize light. Contains non-toxic
biological accelerators for freshwater microorganisms." and says it "contains
no nitrates, phosphates or silicates."
    The claims it does make are that it is an "Aquatic Plant Growth
Accelerator," a "Biological algae and ich control" that it "Detoxifies
ammonia, nitrites and liberates nitrogen" and that it "Dramatically enhances
growth of aquarium plants without nitrates or phosphates." It "biologically
discourages algae and parasites" and "enhances biological filtration."  
  In the "Directions" section, it states that "'Ich' becomes dormant in the
presence of this product."  After reading this, I can't help but wonder
whether the ich will become dormant if a bottle is brought within close
proximity to the infected aquarium.

I hope this sheds some little bit of light on the product, Nathan