Re: Heater Placement

Hi Olga

I too experienced a similar problem in my 50 gal. I moved my 300W
heater to every conceivable location and still experienced temp
drops at night. I solved the problem with another heater. Its
ultimately cheaper than leaving the furnace on all night! I now
have one heater at both ends of the tank which is where the
filter inlet/outlets are located.
Although I should also add that in Calgary we tend to have some
fairly extreme winter conditions (e.g. to -35C at
night...brrr). BTW the tank is now warmed to 82F using 500W
total. (Intersting how I am celsius for weather and F. for
aquariums - must be from interpreting all those inkblots ;-) ).

Happy New Year everyone.

Marshall Wilkinson (In truley frigid Calgary Alberta)