Re: Algeus magnetus

>From: Babar2000 at aol_com
>Date: Sun, 29 Dec 1996 22:26:09 -0500
>I was reading through the digest and noticed hat someone had had success
>against green spot algae using an Algeus magnetus.  I would like to know
>whether they remove the green spots from the plants as well as the glass.
> Also, what type of fish are these and do you know of a source for them.  

I don't think "Algeus magnetus" is a fish name, but is probably a marketing
name for an algae magnet.  This is a two-piece magnetic device that
magnetically clamps to your aquarium glass (half inside the tank and half
outside).  The outside part has a handle and felt padding to slide easily
across the glass.  The inside part has a scrubber pad on it.  As you move
the outside part around on the glass, the magnetic attraction between the
two halves causes the inside part to follow it around.  

These are particularly useful for getting into places where a normal algae
scrubbing wand can't reach, but I'd rather use a normal scraper most of the
time for speed.

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