A couple of days ago, I noticed some hydra in my tank.  There were tons
of them everywhere [OK, you got me, I didn't disinfect my plants]. 
Well, I stopped feeding my bettas and they did the work for me. I only
saw a few hydra left in the tank today, apparently the bettas are eating
them greedily. I will let them finish them off before I begin to feed
them again.  I gave the bettas a little pinch of food today just to make
sure they don't starve.  Has anyone else ever tried this method of pest

I have a tip, but I don't know if it is a useful one.  I noticed a small
amount of algae [diatomaceous?] forming on the inside of the glass, and
I decided to try something new.  I used filter wool.  That's right, just
plain old filter wool.  I just took a ball of it in my hand, and started
to wipe the algae away with ease!  I figured, hey, the filter wool is
clean, safe, and won't scratch the glass, plus it's cheap and you can
wash it.  I will try using the filter wool to scrape away algae int he
future, and I'll let you know if it works good for different types.  I
don't know if it will help all of you, because it was pretty weak algae
that I wiped away anyway-  I don't get the privilage of much algae in my
tank  :-)  So those of you with algae might want to try this tip.