Labels on "plant supplements"

I tend to be quite suspicious of ANY substance sold as a "plant growth/health
supplement," or whatever goofy term is used.  Most states have quite firm and
exact laws concerning the proper and correct labelling of anything sold as
"fertilizer," but there seems to be a "hole" in such laws regarding a lot of
the stuff sold to aquariists.  (Fertilizer has to have NPK labeling, and
trace elements have to be listed as to source of the element and the amount
present.  Check with your own State Department of Agriculture to see what
Fertilizer labels have to include in your State.) 

Or, perhaps, there is a "hole" in ENFORCEMENT of the labelling laws. :-)  

In any event, NOT requiring folks to list either ingredients or chemical
contents, etc., on the containers just BEGS for fraud.  What in the dickens
_is_ "KOI VITALE," or "Flourish," or whatever the latest "thing" is called??
 "PMDD" is quite completely described, in several places.  The "formula" is
open, the ingredients are listed, etc., and from all reports, _it WORKS._ 

Similarly, intensity and spectrum of LIGHTS can be measured, the growth
measured, the results confirmed.  Same with CO2.  

Still, I must admit, I keep on hoping for "Miracle Plant Supplements," "magic
algae eliminator critters," etc.   I suppose it is that "hope" for better
results that drives us all.  In the meantime, I keep on giving samples of
various "supplements," etc., to my Chemist son for analysis. Boy, oh boy,
does some of that stuff have a really Loooooong laundry list of ingredients!
 Now, if we only knew which ingredients really DO anything, and which are
essentially "inert."

Nope, I have no helpful suggestions.  But I sure am open to ideas!  

Have a good new year, everybody!

"The trouble with most folks ain't that they are ignorant.  It is just that
they know so danged much that just ain't so!"
Will Rogers