Algeus magnetos var. Hittiteus

I have spent most of my life studying Algeus magnetos (note you
mis-spelled the species name: IT IS SPELLED magneticos. 

I am familiar with its breeding, its water requirements and its
extremely peculiar appettite for iron-rich soils. In fact, it was I who
suggested reclassifying this unusual mineralo-philic fish into the
Genus Elementum, species ferros-magneticos, var. scotchicus

It is easily the best algae scrubbing fish in the tank. I have been
alarmed however, when I have let it work on plants like Anubias ... or
plastic plants for that matter. The scratches caused by magneticos on
the live plants will be so severe that usually the leaf won't survive.
What it can do to a Magagascar Lace-leaf is beyond belief. Algeus
magneticos should be introduced to a planted tank with EXTREME caution
and probably never to an acrylic aquarium.

in Savannah, where fish are sometimes a higher life form.

You fools wouldn't listen.