RE: Otocinclus

>NKLujan at aol_com posted he (she?) wasn't thrilled with Otos as algae
>eaters and was forced to go with them because the SAE well had dried up.
And the main reason I am less than thrilled about otocinclus is that they are
a $0.25 fish that is darn near impossible to catch in an aquarium designed
specifically for the rather expensive plate-shaped fish which they have
decided might be more appetizing than any algae or fish food available to
them, be it red, brown, green or purple.

> NK, algae eaters are specific to algae types.  You must first identify
>the kind of algae you have, then get the algae eater that specializes in
>that kind of algae. 

Only possible if you have the rare luxury of living near a store that carries
all varieties of algae eater.

>Otos eat mainly the brown algae
>(diatomatic (sp?)) and green spot algaes. 

Strange, it was only after the addition of two dozen otocinclus to a 110 gal.
tank that I first began to notice green spot algae on the front glass of my
aquarium.  However it quickly disappeared after the introduction of an Algeus
magnetus to the aqaurium.

Just wanted to clarify, Nathan K. Lujan