RE: Otocinclus

NKLujan at aol_com posted he (she?) wasn't thrilled with Otos as algae
eaters and was forced to go with them because the SAE well had dried up.
 NK, algae eaters are specific to algae types.  You must first identify
the kind of algae you have, then get the algae eater that specializes in
that kind of algae.  For example, if you have only red algae, otos will
starve unless you feed them because they don't eat red algae.  Ditto for
bristlenose catfish.  Only SAEs are known to eat red algae.  If you have
green hair algae, SAEs and otos may starve for the same reasons -
bristlenoses eat this stuff.  Otos eat mainly the brown algae
(diatomatic (sp?)) and green spot algaes.  Check out the aquatic plant
list  web page for algae eater specifics.

Happy New Year everyone!
Rochelle Williams
williaro at ftmcphsn-emh1_army.mil