Re: Ballasts


>Will the Magnetek, Advance, GE, and Motorola ballasts that you
>recommend, power VHO tubes?  I am currently using an IceCap
>with Two 75 watt URI Aquasuns and am also experiencing TV

Yes they will power VHO tubes, but I don't know if they are optimally
matched to the VHO tube. I can't advise you on that, and suggest you
contact the ballast manufacturer.

Basically, diferent diameter tubes require diffrent current, and the
voltage depends on the length of the tube. Electronic ballasts are constant
current power supplies and are able to deliver the tubes required voltage
simply by regulating the current. T8 bulbs use less current than T12's, and
hence use different ballasts. I don't know the requirements of VHO bulbs. I
suggest contacting the ballast manufacturers to determine the current
output and voltage compliance range of the ballasts and contact the VHO
tube manufacturer to get the current/voltage requirement of the lamp.

I'm using a magnetek ballast for 4 T8 bulbs (the're most efficient
according to APD folklore). There's no TV reception in our area because of
the terrain, hence I would not know if I'm getting inteference. The
magnetek ballast does intefere with FM radio when it is first turned on,
but quiets immediately as the lamps fire. I often wear a walkman so I can
listen to news as turning up the stereo just causes the kids to get louder
too. The ballast does not intefere with the walkman, except when turning it