Re: ballast interference

> >  I have recently come by 2 ice cap ballasts. I have set one up and
> > like to set the other one up but I'm running into resistance with
> > members as they create a lot of interference{sp} with our tv reception.
> > Anyone with a solution for this please post or e-mail me.
> I also have two of these ballasts with the same problem.  In the 5+
> years I have run these, I have yet to find a solution.  What we need is
> an electrical engineer to solve this problem.  Any out there?  Or does
> any know one that can offer a solution that WORKS.

I have a Icecap 660 on one of my tanks and it did the same thing.  I was
able to reduce the interference slightly by purchasing a better antenna for
the TV.  Occasionally we would turn off the aquarium lamps if the "noise"
was too distracting.  

I finally used the interference as an excuse to buy a DSS satellite dish.
:)  Problem resolved!

The IceCap is the best ballast available for driving VHO lamps, but if you
simply want an electronic ballast to drive T-8's then the IceCap is not the
way to go.  There are much cheaper alternatives.