Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #408

Subject: Paludarium Article

>  I also would like to thank Karen Randall on her paludarium article.

Thanks.  (Thanks to George for his praise too!)

>Really wish there was more detail on plant types used as my wife 
>seemingly identified species used but not listed. maybe you could post
>for everyones benefit. 

I haven't read the article recently, and haven't received my issue yet, so
I don't know exactly what plants I mentioned in the article.  I think you
will find with any long-term tank (and this one has been running for 5
years now) that there is a slow but inexorable change in the species mix,
both among plants and animals.  

Since the photos were taken at various times during that 5 year period,
(and again, you are one up on me, because I have not yet seen which photos
AFM chose to publish out of the group I sent them)  there are undoubtedly
different plants in the tank in different photos.  Why don't you tell me
what your wife thought she saw, and I'll tell you whether I did, indeed,
have it in the tank, and if I no longer use it, why.  One terrestrial plant
in particular that I can think of that was in the tank in the early days
and is no longer present was a Button Fern.  I would love to have been able
to replace this pretty plant with a smaller specimen, but it just became to
large for the tank.  It now resides with a friend, and lives on a
windowsill.  While there have been some changes among the aquatic plants,
they have mostly been to accomodate the spread of the various Cryptocoryne
species since this style of tank fits their habitat conditions quite well.