Re: snails

>From: Thomas Price <tprice at u_washington.edu>
>Date: Wed, 25 Dec 1996 09:49:38 -0800 (PST)
>Subject: snails

>If you opt for the clown loaches, it seems like 4 is the magic number of
>these schooling fish.  If I have four or more in a tank, they behave
>normally (that is neurotically, normal for them).  Fewer than 4, ad they
>hide all the time.

I have two clown loaches which I bought both because I liked them and to
get rid of pond snails. They did an excellent job on the snails and are out
and about all the time. They did hide in the beginning and they will hide
again if you significantly alter their habitat but otherwise mine are out
all the time.

About the snails -- if they are ramshorn snails or malaysian trumpet snails
you don't need to worry about them -- in fact they will eat soft algaes and
food debris and not the plants. So perhaps you should ID your snails before
doing anything.

having a merry and very snowy Christmas