re: how much gravel

>From: George Booth <booth at hpmtlgb1_lvld.hp.com>
>Date: Mon, 23 Dec 1996 15:34:14 -0700
>Area of substrate is 60" x 24" = 1440 in^2  
>3" depth -> 3 in x 1440 in^2 = 4320 in^3
>4320 in^3 / 19 in^3/pound = 227 pounds
>227 pounds x 2.2 kg/pound = 500 kg
>Hmmm, exactly 500 kg?  (OK, 500.21).  Odd coincidence? 
>BTW, the TexBlast displaces 2.4 gallons of water per 50 pounds.
>That's useful to know when you figure true water capacity of a planted
>tank system for accurate dosing of fertilizers and other stuff. 
I don't dipute the maths George, but 1/2 TONNE of gravel............ shurley
shome mishtake?????
>From: Frank Ball <frankb at cougar_sr.hp.com> 
> Tank size 5' x 2' x 2'
>I've found 20 pounds / square foot gives a depth of about 3".  Finer
>gravel will not be as deep.  Course gravel will be taller.  My gravel is
>about 1/4" sized.
>So thats about 9 kilos / sq foot * 20 sq ft = 180 kilos of gravel.
>Your sloping arraignment will use the exact same amount as a constant
>3" depth.
That seems more like (just a feeling)

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