> From: paul at eisusa_com (Paul Nicholson)
> Date: Tue, 24 Dec 1996 20:17:22 -0700
> Subject: Re: Snails
> >Being a novice, I did not realize I was supposed to wash my plants =
> >before I added them to the tank.  I now have  snail problems (and a wife =
> >problem...she HATES snails).
> I won't event attempt to give you advice on the wife problem. Get some
> clown loaches for the snails, they'll keep the population in check, and
> the're jolly fun to watch.
> Paul

If you opt for the clown loaches, it seems like 4 is the magic number of
these schooling fish.  If I have four or more in a tank, they behave
normally (that is neurotically, normal for them).  Fewer than 4, ad they
hide all the time.

You might also try a green spotted puffer.  I had one for three days
a while back, and all of the snails are gone.  It's quite a performance.
THe down side is that he nipped up the angel fish pretty bad.  One might
do well with other fish, however.  You might also try female bettas or
banjo catfish.  I haven't tried these two personally, as I have with the
previous two fish, but they were suggested to me a while back.