Christmas greetings and algae question

Hey everybody,

I just want to say Merry Christmas in a non-denominational way to all. It's
a festivive occasion to me unrealated to any religions or politics -- so
everyone enjoy Winter Solstice whatever way you do! And BTW, Vancouver is
blanketed in SNOW -- thick snow -- with more falling. Quite amazing.

Now for an on topic thing. I've recently had a very annoying outbreak of a
kind of flowing, very soft, light green algae that clings to plants but
only at the top of the tank. Something is out of wack. I've trimmed back
plants with the algae on them, cut back on nutrients, done some water
changes -- anyone had this before and have any ideas? I'd rather not turn
the lights off as I'm home for several days and want to enjoy seeing the
tank. I think this algae came in on a new plant but maybe I'm wrong --
perhaps someone out there is familiar with with particular kind and knows
what will bring it on.

in Vancouver -- all set for the feast tonight!