Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #402




<DT>Though I'm no expert, I referred to the Plankton Culture Manual of
Florida Aqua Farms.&nbsp; The two fresh water varieties it shows (though
I'm sure theres a gazillion more) are Nannochloropsis occulata, 4-6 micrometers,
and Chlorella vulgaris, 2-10 micrometers.&nbsp; Based on this I say filtering
them probably isn't a 100% effective means of control.</DT>

On a similar subject that I've been dying to ask but is somewhat out of
the realm of this list..&nbsp;</DT>

<DT>Can anyone who has had experience culturing these microalgea email
me privately or post to the list.&nbsp; Are these two algea motile?&nbsp;
I need to mix regularly to resuspend what ever it is I'm culturing at an
SG of 1.010.</DT>


<DT>Will the PMDD work as an additive in the culture water of the above
stated microalgea for the purpose of rotifer/brine cultures? I'm trying
the FAF additive but a 200ml cost $7.&nbsp; Is it any different the say
Seachem flourish (which has worked better), Kent macroalgea additive, Miracle
Grow, ect or a combination of them?</DT>


<DT>Also, hows an uninformed guy get the supplies.&nbsp; Sorry but there
seems to have been a lot of articles saying x% iron, y% manganese, ect.
but not Mix two teaspons of Jobbs with 1 teaspoon of Kents macroalgea mix
and a b12 vitamin (been there, done that).&nbsp;&nbsp; You get my point?&nbsp;</DT>

<DT>Thanks for you thoughts and patients.&nbsp;&nbsp; Merry Christmas.</DT>


<DT>Scott A.</DT>


<DT>P.S.&nbsp; I'm trying to raise maroon clowns.&nbsp; Zero luck so far...</DT>

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&gt; From: paul at eisusa_com (Paul Nicholson)<BR>
&gt; Date: Sun, 22 Dec 1996 17:32:37 -0700<BR>
&gt; Subject: How big is green algae?<BR>
&gt; My tank is dooing great except I'm plagued by green water, in spite
&gt; frequent water changes. I'm looking at using a commercial filter element<BR>
&gt; and need to specify the micron rating of the filter. Is there a biologist<BR>
&gt; out there that knows the diameter of a green algae cell.<BR>
&gt; Paul<BR>
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