Using candles for plant lights

Shaji Bhaskar feels our thread on electrical safety is not related to aquatic
plants. My apologies.  I see his point. 

However, until we start lighting our tanks with candles, as opposed to using
electricity, it is logical that discussions on electrical safety will occur.
 And, those of us who receive the List in Digest form will often post an
answer, not knowing that our post is unnecessary because someone else has
already made the comment or suggestion.  Again, sorry, but it will sometimes
occur. Try to put up with us. :-) 


I have often ordered plants from Delaware Aquatic Imports, and I very much
like doing business with him.  However, I have been afraid to order during
the winter months, as UPS _will certainly deliver to my home,_ but I am not
there during the day, and I can guarantee any plants in any box left outside
my door (rural address) will be frozen solid quite quickly.  Do any of you
have suggestions as to alternative ways to get live plants delivered safely
during our Midwest winters? Again, the problem is that no one is home to
RECEIVE the plants during the day. 

This also presents a problem with "trading" plants.  How do you do this
SAFELY during the WINTER?