Re:rotting stems

> From: Griff1324 at aol_com
> Date: Sat, 21 Dec 1996 13:34:47 -0500
> Subject: PLEASE HELP!!!!!
> hi...i currently have a a 55gal. tank, with some fish, some plants, and a
> Whisper 3 power filter, and a DIY CO2 system.  My plants seem to do fine at
> first but then the on some of the stem plants the stems rot apart, and on
> most of the other plants the leaves turn yellow and then eventually
> "dissolve" leaving only the veins.  Please Help!!
> Is this a lack of fertilizer, etc.????  If it is a lack of fertilizer please
> give me some suggestions on what kind of fertilizers to use!!!!
> Thanx for the help!!!
> Chris
> aka....Griff1324 at aol_com
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Many possibilities.  The rotting stems can result from improper
planting. Make sure the bunches of stems are separated and the lead
strip is taken off.  Then plant each stem [or maybe groups of 2-3 stems]
in individual holes in the substrate.  Also, make sure that all leaves
are removed from the part of the stem that is to be under the substrate.
Also, cut each of the stems to just below the freshest bottom node
[place where leaves or roots emerge], to minimize rotting and induce
better rooting.  Be careful when planting and handling not to crush the
stems!  Always remove all dead leaves.  If you notice rotting, once
again, cut the stems below the next node that is not rotting. Hopefully,
other people will post replies on this same question, because I don't
know much about plant diseases or other chemical influences that could
cause your other problems. Hope I have helped some.

in cold, crisp, wet Seattle, WA