Test Kits

My husband and I are newbies to aquarium keeping. We have been reading
this list in the background for several months now and would like to
thank everyone for the enormous wealth of information we have received.
We have learned much more than we could ever find in any of the many 
books we have read.
Previous to reading this list, planting plants in our tanks would
result in instant meltdown. Now plants not only don't "melt" but grow!
Pretty exciting to beginners, although we have a long way to go with
learning to balance everything, we still grow algae better than we grow
plants :)
We are in the process of revamping our entire system and currently
would like to upgrade our testing kits. We have acquired some catalogs
of both Hach and Lamotte but the bewildering array of choices is a
little confusing and we would appreciate input from anyone familiar with
using either of these brands.
Which kits would be the most accurate and easy to read for the
 PH (narrow range in the smallest increments posssible-somewhere between
We would really appreciate the catalog numbers to the individual test
            Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.
            Rebecca Marsh     Gold Bar, WA