Re: Narrow, red leaved tenellus

>From: NKLujan at aol_com
>Subject: Narrow, red leaved tennellus
>   Throughout Amano's books one sees carpets of a very pretty red, narrow
>leaved variety of E. tennellus yet the only E. tennellus I can get my hands
>on is fairly ubiquitously green colored with wide leaves.  At first I thought
>it was E. quadricostatus but the vein structure proves otherwise.  Has anyone
>in the states seen Amano's variety for sale or otherwise available?
>   Thanks, Nathan

Kasselmann, in Aquarienpflanzen, mentions two types of E. tenellus, a
narrow-leaved, dark green and a somewhat broader-leaved, but shorter-leaved
bright green form.  There is also E. bolivianus, which is bigger than
tenellus, and E. quadricostatus, which is about the same size as
bolivianus, but has broader leaves.  Although Kasselmann says that
submersed, quadricostatus can't be distinguished from bolivianus, to me,
bolivianus looks more like a small sagitteria with linear leaves, whereas
quadricostatus has leaves that get wider from the base to near the tip.
Both those two species are bigger than tenellus, which has narrower and
shorter leaves, only up to 5 cm long.  The dark green form of tenellus,
according to Kasselmann, can get browish leaves in strong light. It turns
out I have that variety.  Want to do some trading?  I would like to get the
light green form of tenellus.

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