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>We can conclude that either you have a whole lot of acid in your tank water
>or your CO2 kits don't work.  Now, aerate some of your tap water for an
>hour or two and test it.  It that shows any more than a trace of CO2, then
>either somebody is adding a lot of acid to your water system (not very
>likely :-), or the chemical you use to titrate your sample is shot.
>It seems very likely that you have a lot of acid in your tank water, and
>that it is well buffered.  (That means that if more acid or base is added,
>a good deal of it is taken up in a reaction, and does not contribute to a
>change in the pH).  If I were you, and if the test on the tap water showed
>that your CO2 kits were OK, I would do some partial water changes over the
>next week or two until I had 90 percent or more of your tank water
>replaced.  Why do you need to use a pH adjuster, anyway?
>*****Please let us know what happens when you test your tap water*******

Paul,et al.
You are right on target. The tap water after one hour tested 3ppm CO2. 

I added the "Proper pH" by Aquarium Pharmaceuticals (not American
Pharmaceuticals by the way) because my water was slowly dropping in pH. I am
using DI water so I need to add trace elements, but the buffering was not
keeping the pH steady.

Thanks for the advice, I am now proceeding with the water changes.
Best to you..............Ric
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