Re: beating the electricity horse

>The transformer typically used with heating coils converts 110VAC to
>24VAC, not DC.  Most transformers that I know of are AC to AC.  Of
>course, there's that cool Transfomer that goes from an F-15 to an
>Amazon Goddess, but that's probably off the subject. <g>

Oooooooooops.  Well, chalk that one up as a learning experience.  And
thanks to all who corrected my inaccurate description of transformer

When I designed my DIY heating cables, I sought out a transformer that
included a rectifying diode to convert the output to DC.  I was under the
impression that this was standard practice (for the reasons mentioned in my
earlier post).

I would highly recommend that anyone doing DIY heating cables use a DC
supply voltage.  And I'll reiterate Steve Pushak's message:  Safety First.

Steve in Ann Arbor,
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