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Date: 20 Dec 96 08:36:52 +1100
Subject: Glass Shrimps

>From: Marque Crozman <marquec at gastech_com.au>
>>Can you tell me more about the glass shrimp you refer to? And since you 
>>use them, I assume they are available in Australia. Can you tell me 
>>where? Are they similar to the shrimp Amano uses in his tanks?
>You can catch them in most of the freshwater streams round Sydney,
>and for that matter, all the way up the coast up to the Qld border. One
>popular spot that you can get them is the Yaramundie bridge crossing
>over the Napean River near Penrith. I have caught gudgens, bass,
>and galaxias/Australian smelt there. 
>There are two types of shrimp found there, the smaller one, the glass
>shrimp is a filter feeder and has four webbed type claw appendages 
>that open up like fans to collect particles of food in the water. I holds 
>all four open and empties each one in turn into its mouth in a continual 
>pattern catching its food of detritus, algae and small food fragments.

This sounds like the shrimps that I caught in many streams around Brisbane city
- I wonder how far North they are.  I will go and try to catch some this

>Marque APD - ANGFA(NSW) - Sydney
>From: "Mr. Schwartz" <ss3643 at mail_gte.net>
>Date: Tue, 17 Dec 1996 21:08:33 -0800
>Subject: Glass Shrimp
>I have had glass shrimp in the past.  They are interesting to watch, and
>as mentioned, excellent at cleaning up tank refuse.  I believe that I
>once researched them a little, and found that the genus was
>Palaemonetes.  If anyone knows, is this correct?  BTW, they should only
>be used in heavily planted tanks with very small or herbivorousl fish. I
>would also like to know more about these creatures, like how to  breed
>them, and what Ph, temp., food, etc. they require. Thanks very much.

I caught about 10 of the small shrimps and put them in a small (1foot)
unfiltered tank, no gravel and only a few plants  and no heater.  The ambient
temperature was around 25oC.  The shrimps bred like crazy within 2 weeks. 
Unfortunately, I also put a few of the fish I caught from the same creek. 
After 4 weeks or so the small fish got big enough and ate all the shrimps! 
Brisbane city water has a pH of 7.4 I think.

>in cold, crisp Seattle
Steve in hot, hot, Central Queensland, Australia