Re:Miracle gro.

>From: Griff1324 at aol_com
>Subject: Miracle Grow
>HI....I have a question!!!  While recently shoping at Phar-Mor I noticed a
>bottle of Miracle Grow (in a liquid form that you add to the water before
>watering your household plants) it contains Chetlate Iron (either 10% or
>.10%...I can't recall)!  I was curious to know if this is a good ferilizer
>for aqurium plants (I have fish and i would like to keep it that way...so is
>it safe for fish also???)???  I can't recall all the ingrediants but if
>anyone has ANY info. on this product would you please let me know!
>thank you,
Miracle Gro seems to be a good fertilizer for aquatic plants, but I
wouldn't use it except in VERY small additions in a tank with fish because
it has a good part of its nitrogen in the form of ammonium, which,
accroding to my Aquarium Pharmaceuticals test kit, is harmful to fish at
levels above 1ppm.  I have added miracle gro to several tanks without fish
and have seen a good growth response in the plants.  After one addition, I
measured ammonia, which was undetectable before the addition, and I got 5
ppm immediately afterward, and around 2 ppm three days later.  A week later
there was no detectable ammonia, but the plant growth was beginning to
slow, and they were ready for more fertilizer.

In whatever form Miracle Gro is sold, there should be a complete listing of
ingredients on the bottle or box.  It is a good fertilizer, except, of
course, it lacks calcium, magnesium and sulfur, all of which can be
obtained cheaply elsewhere.

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