Re: Algae and sunlight

>From: spush at saudan_HAC.COM

>Subject: Re: Algae & sunlight

>I'd be interested to hear how many folks have successfuly or unsuccessfully
>experimented with using sunlight for aquatic plants. I suspect its more
>than we might have thought.

I used to live in an apartment that had south-facing windows that started
about 3 feet from the floor.  During the spring, fall, and winter my 55
gallon and my 75 gallon got sun for 5 or 6 hours when it wasn't cloudy.
The plants loved it and responded especially well to CO2 additions.  Since
I had Daphnia and snails, I had no problems with green water and
soft-attached types of algae.  I had the best growth ever of a variety of
crypts.  I used to take hundreds of crypt plants to the local aquarium

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