Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #393

>From: RicCooney at aol_com
>Date: Wed, 18 Dec 1996 11:12:56 -0500
>Subject: Re:Mystery Tank

>Paul Sears as well as Paul Krombholz were interested.
>I did the aeration experiment.  After 8 hours the H2O still was above 100ppm.
>The pH adjuster I used was American Pharmaceuticals "Proper pH 7.0" It is
>sold as a pH stabilizer. I have sent email to Jim Layton, their rep, about
>the problem. As yet ,no answer. The fish are acting normally except for the
>Indian algae eater, who never acts normally. The plants are not aspirating
> as they had been when CO2 was in the 15ppm range.
>What now can I again use test kits to read KH and CO2? What about pH
>Thanks for coming to our aid
We can conclude that either you have a whole lot of acid in your tank water
or your CO2 kits don't work.  Now, aerate some of your tap water for an
hour or two and test it.  It that shows any more than a trace of CO2, then
either somebody is adding a lot of acid to your water system (not very
likely :-), or the chemical you use to titrate your sample is shot.

It seems very likely that you have a lot of acid in your tank water, and
that it is well buffered.  (That means that if more acid or base is added,
a good deal of it is taken up in a reaction, and does not contribute to a
change in the pH).  If I were you, and if the test on the tap water showed
that your CO2 kits were OK, I would do some partial water changes over the
next week or two until I had 90 percent or more of your tank water
replaced.  Why do you need to use a pH adjuster, anyway?

*****Please let us know what happens when you test your tap water*******

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