(fwd) (Fwd) Re: ghost shrimp

On the subject of breeding ghost shrimp, here is something I picked up
on a NG a while back and saved.  The motto?  Never throw anything
away.  :)  Hope this helps....

In alt.aquaria, cphelps at nando_net (Chip Phelps) wrote:

>They grow wild around here.  Try a 10 gal or so tank, NO FISH, natural colored
>gravel, U/G filter is optional but probably best, LOTS of plants, NO
heater, and
>NO power filter.   Keep them cool, but not too cold.

>Feed regular fish food, and try to get at least a dozen or more and at least a
>few with eggs on their bellies (females).

Brian T. Forsythe
crom at cris_com