Re:Mystery Tank

In a message dated 12/17/96 8:47:44 AM, George Booth wrote:

>That's bizarre, all right.
>Are you sure that your test results are correct?  CO2/pH/KH don't
>match at all.  pH 6.7 and KH 5 indicates CO2 = 30 ppm.  What kind of
>pH adjuster are you using?  What have you done recently that would
>goof up the CO2 readings?  

>Put some of your tank water in a glass and shake it or aerate it for
>awhile to drive out the CO2 and then test the CO2 levels.  Still high?
>If yes, something is messing with the CO2 test. 
>Are your fish breathing hard?  If not, I would not believe the pH
>levels the tests have reported.
Paul Sears as well as Paul Krombholz were interested.
I did the aeration experiment.  After 8 hours the H2O still was above 100ppm.

The pH adjuster I used was American Pharmaceuticals "Proper pH 7.0" It is
sold as a pH stabilizer. I have sent email to Jim Layton, their rep, about
the problem. As yet ,no answer. The fish are acting normally except for the
Indian algae eater, who never acts normally. The plants are not aspirating
 as they had been when CO2 was in the 15ppm range.

What now can I again use test kits to read KH and CO2? What about pH

Thanks for coming to our aid