Re: Mystery tank

> From: RicCooney at aol_com
> Subject: Mystery Tank
> Hi all, hopefully you all can shed some light on this mystery. We
>have a 52g tank set up over a year. Two weeks ago we noticed
>that the co2 level was 50ppm. Quite high we thought so we cut off
>the DIY yeast engine. We are doing weekly  15% water changes
>with DI water enhanced with trace elements(Electro-Right)and pH

Paul Sears responded:

>If you are using a "pH adjuster", you can forget about doing KH
>and CO2 measurements.  The results will be completely
>meaningless if there is another buffer system in there.  You will
>measure the other buffer components as well as the KH (HCO3-)
>or CO2.

If the "pH Adjuster" is the one that came with the Aquarium
Pharmaceuticals Tap Water Purifier, it contains only sodium
bicarbonate solution.  I use it with ElectroRight and haven't had any
problems at all (yes, I know, it would be cheaper to make my own ;-)
Beware of other products on the market that might contain
phosphate buffers.

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