Re: Algae

>From: Ronald Tsang <jtsang at asiaonline_net>
>        There are too many algaes on the plant leaves in my aquarium. I have
>reduced the amount of sunlight a day buy a few hours, but still quite a lot
>of algae grows.
>Does anyone have a solution to the algae from growing, because the plant may
>suffocate from the copious amount of algae that is covering the leaves.

It seems from all the things I've read here and elsewhere, there are
basically three things you can do to control algae (not that algae's a bad

1. No more than 11 hours of lighting. No direct sunlight. (If your plants
need more light, increase the intensity not the hours.)
2. Don't overfertilize plants or overfeed fish.
3. Keep nitrates and phosphates down. This is related to #2 but not limited
to #2, e.g., you can reduce nitrates and phosphates through  water changes.

These are not detailed, hard and fast rules for every situation, but they
do focus attention on some key causes of algae problems.

Greg. Tong
San Francisco, CA, USA

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