Re: CO2 tables

<<I've seen a table listing the CO2 concentrations based on values of Kh and
Ph in
this list quite some time ago.  Could someone re_post this table or point me
where I could find it?  TIA>>

You can find the table in George Booth's article "Aquarium plants & DIY CO2
Injection".  Point your Browser to:  


BTW, I have found that the values interpolated from the KH/pH chart disagreed
considerably with the Tetra CO2 test kit.  The Tetra kit suggested that I was
WAY over the limit for CO2 (had to use five times the amount of NaOH to back
titrate to the endpoint), while the KH and pH chart suggested a cozy 20 ppm
CO2.  Fish are happy and spawning, plants are growing like weeds.  Tetra kit
got returned to the store.