Fe Supplements

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Date: 17 Dec 96 13:56:50 +1100
Subject: Fe Supplements


I posted this a few weeks ago, but I don't think that it ever made it onto the

This question may have been asked before, but I was adding "daily" Iron
supplement to my tank last night (a bit later than normal) when the lights went

When is the optimum time to add Fe?  I have been led to believe that plants
absorb most of their nutrients at night and grow during the day???

Therefore, is it best to add Iron and other trace elements just after the
lights go out at night time?

Also, what chemical reaction occurs to render the Fe unusable to plants after
24 hours or so?  Some obviously gets taken up by the plants, but what form does
the Iron take after - does this reaction occur faster or slower under bright

Steve Amor

Steven.S.Amor at shell_otc.au