Re: otocinclus survival tips

> Just four days ago, I added 4 otocinclus to a tank containing neons and
> corys.  I didn't lose a one.  Perhaps the oto's are more sensitive to
> changes in water conditions; I acclimate them very gradually.

One of my oto's kicked the bucket one day after one of my partial
water changes.  I changed the water on a Tuesday night, and the
following evening, while I was watching my tank, one of the Oto's
began going bonkers -- swimming maniacally all around the aquarium.
It slowed down, began spiralling around, swimming upside down, then
drifted over to my filter intake.

Nothing visibly wrong with this oto (other than it being dead) nor
any of the other fish.  Before this, it was growing and (apparently)
healthy.  Very puzzling.

ObAquaticPlants:  I ended up getting a 36" flourescent fixture for my
tank, but *none* of the stores in town carry 36" plant lights: it's
either 48" or nothing!  The light/electrical supply store I checked
suggested I try K-Mart (which I haven't done yet).

I currently have "sunlight" bulbs in the 36" fixture: these claim to
be full-spectrum, but nothing about color temp on the box anywhere.
Anyone know anything about these?

Richard Masoner
in sub-freezing Champaign Illinois