Re: Mystery tank

> From: RicCooney at aol_com
> Subject: Mystery Tank
> Hi all, hopefully you all can shed some light on this mystery. We have a 52g
> tank set up over a year. Two weeks ago we noticed that the co2 level was
> 50ppm. Quite high we thought so we cut off the DIY yeast engine. We are doing
> weekly  15% water changes with DI water enhanced with trace
> elements(Electro-Right)and pH adjuster. 

	If you are using a "pH adjuster", you can forget about doing KH
and CO2 measurements.  The results will be completely meaningless if there
is another buffer system in there.  You will measure the other buffer
components as well as the KH (HCO3-) or CO2.

Paul Sears        Ottawa, Canada

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