Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #388

> From: Shawn Ferguson <sferg at cyberus_ca>
> Hi there,
> I am looking for advice on how to help otocinclus' make the adjustment
> to a new tank. In my 2 experiences, I have lost halve of the number
> which I purchased within a day. They appeared healthy and then within
> eight hours were dead. My neons and corys do not object to the water
> quality in this tank. I have never experienced losses with new fish like
> this.

Just four days ago, I added 4 otocinclus to a tank containing neons and
corys.  I didn't lose a one.  Perhaps the oto's are more sensitive to
changes in water conditions; I acclimate them very gradually.  After
floating them to match the temperatures of the aquarium water and the
water they were packed in, and poured them out into a plastic container
and set a drip line from the main tank into the container.  (It was
actually old air hose, and ran a bit faster than just a drip.)  After the
container filled (about 45 min.), I dumped half the container and ran the
drip for another 45 min.  Then, after netting the oto's as gently as
possible, I lowered the net into the aquarium and waited for them to swim
out (I never dump new fish into a tank.  If you face the net towards a
water flow, it will billow open, and in a short while, the fish will
voluntarily swim into the current.  It's much less stressful than being
suddenly dropped into a whole new world.  Imagine if someone did that to

                                       --  Edziu