Lamotte tests

Dear folks,
		I have a question for George Booth and anyone else that 
may have experience/opinions about Lamotte test kits.  I'm looking to buy 
2-4 test kits, Nitrate, phosphate, ph, and iron.  The problem is that I'm 
finding quite a price discrepancy depending on where I get them.  I 
talked with someone at Daelco recently who said that they have a shelf 
life of less than a year so he gets them from Lamotte and sends them out 
when he gets an order.  For the phosphate kit Lamotte#3121 Daelco wants 
$82.92, Lamotte itself wants $64.95 and Mail Order Pet Shop wants 
$41.89.  Daelco is out as I can get it much cheaper from Lamotte, but 
what about MOPS?  Would it be counterindicated to buy it from them not 
knowing how long it's been sitting around?

			Thanks for your time and expertise everyone,

					Miles Morrissey
					mmorriss at sophia_smith.edu