Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #388

Subject: dechlorinators
                                   The small amount of active ingredient
(almost always sodium thiosulfate, aka hyposulfite in older lit.) should not
shift pH a bit... even if "making your own" (a good idea for folks working
with large volumes; in countries still utilizing free chlorine or
hypochlorous acid as a sanitizer... i.e. not chloramines). It is strongly
recommended of course, to pre-treat system water ahead of time, and store for
a few to several days; for the purposes of settling metals, outgassing,
de-populating with whatever critters might have made it that far... in addn.
to sanitizer elimination considerations. But the issue of pH shift from the
sulfate radical from std. decholirinators should not be important, even given
large water changes, over=treatment, very soft water... Another urban
pet-fish myth.