Re: CO2

"Jim Viscosi" <skribb19 at borg_com> writes

>I would like to purchase a CO2 system and wonder if anyone has any
>experience with the Delta Dupla system?

Oh yeah.  Probably you see one caveat already, the bottle is small.

That's just the beginning of your hassles.  When I got mine, I got
the extra, bonus hassle of them failing to put one of the parts in
the box, so I had to wait a couple of weeks for that thing to show
up.  Then I discovered that the bottle was shipped unfilled, so I
had to seek out a place to fill it (not easy unless you know that
you want to find a fire-extinguisher place.)

Once you get past that, you figure you've got a fine system to
experiment with, eh what?  Heh.  The regulator is *very* touchy
and, to add to your fun, comes out of adjustment frequently.
How you could use this regulator in an automated system is way
beyond me.

It seemed to me that this system would be a reasonably inexpensive
way to try out CO2 injection to see what effect it would have.
But all things considered the extra hassle you have to go through
to build a CO2 system yourself is well worth it.  And, as a side-
benefit, you save money too.

Although I don't know anything about the other low-end CO2 systems,
I would expect the same sort of experience with them.
I suspect the same words could be applied to all the low-end CO2
systems on the market today.

All systems, DIY included, should be compatible with Ph controllers,
as those things just hook on with air-line tubing.  I wouldn't worry
about timers as of yet - first see just how much Ph drop you're
experiencing overnight.  In my tanks it's fairly trivial (less than
I can measure on my test-kit anyway.)

                                        - Steve
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