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	I have already heard enough chemistry BS from aquarium sources.

> My testimony is that it has changed 50% of my 75gal
> almost daily for the last 6 months without a single positive chlorine
> test, and in which discus and plants have thrived.

	As I said in the first post, the plants will help take the
damage.  The more biomass you have in there, the less time the chlorine
will be there.
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Paul Sears        Ottawa, Canada

OK, well I'll tell you what, you keep on changing water the way you
currently do, adding dechlorinator etc, and I'll keep on doing it this
way with discus spawning, plants and fish growing as fast as they can. 
If you are correct it certainly doesn't show any adverse affect on my
set ups.

Happy water changes.

nickedmunds at juno_com