Re: Vitalites and Ultra Tri-Lux

<<Can you help those of us in the shoplite set by telling a bit more about
your bulbs?  Does the Ultra Tri-lux give mostly blue light?  Does the
Vita-lite give white or pinkish-white light?  I suspect that a bulb that is
heavy on the blue end causes more compact growth and more production of red
pigments (anthocyanins).>>

Vitalites are full spectrum bulbs.  Ultra Tri-lux are tri-phosphor bulbs,
which as I understand it, means that they have three phosphors:  red, green,
and blue.  To the eye the combination is a brilliant white, "brighter"
(subjectively speaking) than the Vitalites, which have a warmer light when
viewed side by side against the Vitalites.  I suspect the blue output of the
Tri-lux must be greater than that of the Vitalites resulting in greater red
pigment.  What surprised me is that the color difference could be observed on
branches that are quite close together on the same plant (about 1 inch or so

Bill Cwirla
Hacienda Heights, CA